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Jodi Turner is a Registered Natural Nutritionist specializing in celiacs, crohn's and irritable bowel syndrome. She was trained using the MOXLEY nutrition program and now offers private one-on-one or group counselling.

Jodi started out in the financial industry but soon realized food was her passion.  She owned and operated an alternative grain bakery for 10 years before returning to school to study nutrition.  

She is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and was selected by her peers as class valedictorian. Jodi is very familiar with the challenges of restrictive diets like celiacs and crohn's, because of her experience owning a gluten free bakery.

Her bubbly personality and expertise in nutrition science is a huge asset. Jodi does frequent segments on various aspects of nutrition on CTV Morning Live. She has a lot of experience in the fitness industry, and often does presentations on sports nutrition at the Running Room.  

If you suffer from Celiac, crohn's or another food allergy, Jodi is in your corner to help guide you through the maze of nutrition information.